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Accurate Grade Reporting

Teacher Empowerment

Grades can be more than just a number. They can show student’s mastery of a topic. It also can teach students about working towards a goal. In the quest to not stress out students, we have actually taken away the importance of completing

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More Money and Freedom for Teachers

Teacher Empowerment

We must ensure that teachers have creative control over the lessons that will work for their students. Not all students are the same. Why do we continue to use the same cookie cutter system for every classroom? And not all teachers are the same. Yet we

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Fix TRS ActiveCare

TRS ActiveCare

There are several different approaches to fixing TRS ActiveCare. One option would be to allow teachers to have the same insurance that state employees have currently. Another option is to allow districts to opt out of TRS Care. This would allow for

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Secure Teacher Retirement

Teacher Retirement

We must pass legislation to merge TRS with the State Employee Retirement System (ERS). And we must fully fund the retirement system to ensure solvency and stability. Teachers are afraid that they may have worked 20, 30 or even 40 years in a career they

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End the STAAR Test

Testing & Assessment

We must end the massive assessment schedule we currently place on students. The STAAR is a test of minimum knowledge. Passing the STAAR doesn’t prepare students for success in upper levels or post secondary education. We need for the Legislature to

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